E3 Website Design

Class assignment to redevelop a brand and website for an existing event.


The Problem

E3 is a computer and video game trade show held annually in Los Angeles, California. The name, E3, stands for “Electronic Entertainment Expo”. E3 hosts major companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sony and a number of high profile video game developers like EA Games and Nintendo. Their website and brand didn’t properly reflect the event, so I remade them.

E3 Website Design

Brand Attitude (Branditude)

The website needed to communicate the dynamic nature of the event, so busy photography was an important asset in showing the exciting event. This created a challenge of the photography overpowering some of the other important elements, which was solved by balancing out the page with appropriate use of negative space.

E3 Website Design E3 Website Design

Secondary Pages

The assignment was to design and code only 4 pages of the site. The challenge was of course to keep the same visual style throughout each page while highlighting its purpose.

E3 Website Design E3 Website Design

Responsive Development

Despite the fact that the assignment did not require the site to be responsive, as a 21st Century website I felt it was necessary to expand the design to fit all devices and screen sizes.