Mesa14 Visual Identity

Class assignment to design the identity Mesa14, a high-quality Mexican restaurant.



Mesa14 is a top quality Mexican restaurant in downtown Montreal. My mandate was to create a branding system that displayed the quality of the food. Mesa, the Spanish word for table, was the main inspiration for this project; both the word table and the geographical region known as a Mesa. They share a straight linearity that I carried over into the identity for the restaurant.

Visual Identity

The most important characteristic of the brand is the feeling of straight, linear movement; I used strict horizontal alignments and square graphic elements to communicate that feeling.

Mesa14 Visual Identity


As a part of the brand, I developed a grid-based alphabet to reinforce the horizontal linearity of the layouts and designs. These letters can be applied to titles for posters, advertisements and other large typographic uses.

Mesa14 Visual Identity


To create a complete visual identity, I designed all of the documents and applications that Mesa14 would need. This included a website to make a reservation, a menu for the restaurant and posters to facilitate advertisements.

Mesa14 Visual Identity Mesa14 Visual Identity

Brand Guidelines

As a part of the assignment, we were mandated to design a Brand Guideline book detailing the ways that the visual identity could and should be adapated to various applications.

Mesa14 Visual Identity Mesa14 Visual Identity