I built this website to take great articles about design, written by brilliant designers, and add the detail that they deserve.

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A Writer’s Shortcoming

There are so many great designers who put their teachings and thoughts into well written articles, attempting to teach and inspire their peers or global mentees. Unfortunately, these designers are busy making great work for their clients and can’t put in the time to add visual detail to their writings. Fortunately, I can (and did).

OnDesign.xyz OnDesign.xyz


There is not a single image in the whole website; keeping it sans-photo focuses on the content, which is of course the most important part of the site. This means that the typographic choices needed to be very well-considered.


The Devil’s in the Details

Especially in Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, there are many places to include small visual details that add to the content. Small animations, tiny interactions; things that lend a visually understandable aspect to Bruce Mau’s words.

Custom code

Because each article is so different, it’s impossible to have such well-considered interactions that span across every article. I wrote separate JavaScript functions and CSS styles for some of the content to give it that “one-of-a-kind” feel.
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OnDesign.xyz OnDesign.xyz


Just because each article requires custom code, that doesn’t mean the commonalities should be ignored. DRY thinking was still applicable to many of the typographic and layout-based decisions.

To really appreciate it:

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