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Assorted thoughts on documentation

I've been thinking a lot about documentation recently, and wanted to share some thoughts and hot takes.

On "lurking"

Some thoughts on "lurking" - hanging around in communities for the sake of learning.

Probot App or GitHub Action? (Updated)

Should your next automation tool be built in GitHub Actions, or as a separate service with Probot?

Build your own Probot

Let's see what makes Probot tick; the API design, the authentication mechanisms, and the little helpers that make it easy to use.

New features of GitHub Actions v2

GitHub Actions got a massive update, with a ton of new features to talk about!

Run your GitHub Actions workflow on a schedule

With a recent addition to the Actions trigger lineup, we can now tell GitHub to run our workflow on a schedule. Let's see how!

Just enough Docker

You don't need to be a Docker expert to build things with it. Here is some info to get you started!

How to start using GitHub Actions for CI

GitHub Actions can do a lot, including CI. Let's look at how to do it right!

Probot Apps with a UI

Probot Apps are best known for their webhook response functionality, but you can pair them with a UI as well!

What are GitHub Workflows?

Let's look at Workflows